Why is Gynarchy not more popular?

Gynarchy is the term given to Female power over the male, when established on the basis of gender and for no other reason. It refers also to the systems designed to achieve this end, and to the philosophy of those who support it. Its emotional cognate is Gyneolatry, the adoration or worship of Women. Gyneolatry is a matter of instinct; it finds its expression in concepts such as Female Supremacy, chivalry, Female-led relationships (FLR), Femdom, and range of ‘new age’ belief systems that harness ideas of the Earth Goddess and the divinity of the Feminine for various ends.
we are ready to serve The Cause

There can be no such thing as a ‘pure’ Gynarchy unaffected by any of these other categories, but there are differing views as to the appropriate balance of these elements in the ideal Gynarchic arrangement. This absence of a core theme has perhaps hindered the development of a recognised Gynarchic movement, despite the number of people – including plenty of men – who are deeply affected by these ideas and ready to give themselves to such a cause, if a cause can be discerned amidst the confusion.

The global population is bigger than it has ever been; the internet enables millions of people with shared attitudes to find each other; we are more accommodating of different ways of living than we were in the past, and we are exposed to a far greater range of ideas. So, when someone newly seized with the Gynarchic spirit turns to the internet for guidance, why do they find so little of any substance?

There is plenty of Femdom of course, but no Gynarchic Organisations, no creeds to be signed up to. It is not that there is no-one else out there, it is just that things seem to crop up and dwindle away. If i were paranoid i could imagine falling for a conspiracy theory claiming we were being somehow stifled by the patriarchy, but i am not, and i am sure the explanation must lie with us.

It is tempting to assume that Gynarchy is a calculated and deeply considered rational position, but for men at least, the addiction to Gynarchic ideas is principally sexual. It is none the worse for that. Sexual feelings are powerful, inescapable and closely tied to a deep understanding of human nature. For men, the Gynarchic impulse begins when sexual desire for the Feminine expresses itself in the need to elevate and to glorify, rather than to possess and dominate.

Consequently, men are more likely to approach what we might think of as the Queendom of Gynarchy from the border with the neighbouring state of Femdom, but the reputation of Femdom has been undermined by some unwittingly comical institutions, probably borne of embarrassment arising from a lack of any genuine spiritual or philosophical sense of truth underpinning it. If you don’t know why you’re doing it, you gonna feel a fool. Women, by contrast, often approach Gynarchy (if not Femdom) from the other direction, from a rejection of the failures of patriarchal structures, or a general frustration with the shortcomings of the male, possibly to the point of rejecting him altogether (see Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s utopian Herland). So there can still be a gap in expectation, or in understanding, when men and Women try to build a Gynarchic community on the same ground. The founding of Gynarchy will not be an easy task.
Female Supremacy
To the followers of Gynarchy, the superiority of the Female is self-evident, so they rarely feel the need to defend it except when challenged. For all i know, john norman and his readers may think the same way in the opposite direction. And indeed it is not an argument that can be won, for the meaning of ‘superior’ is blunt, leaving each person free to choose the categories for comparison. Sure, i can make a claim for male superiority on the basis of Olympic records but what would that say about my world-view? Am i superior to a Woman, simply because i am taller?
The fact is, we all have a much richer view of what men are, and what Women are, than of what this one word might mean, so arguments about superiority can only be fruitless. We can only say that the idea of Female superiority is a nuanced and a beautiful thing; the idea of male superiority is blunt, unenlightening, and (frankly) dull.
Chivalry, these days, is thought of as a matter of holding open a door, but in its original state it was a potent code of conduct relating at first to behaviour on the battlefield, but increasingly – as the Middle Ages moved on – to the concept of ‘courtly love’, which featured passionate devotion to the Lady of a quasi-religious character. Knights amended the structure of formal language and began addressing their Ladies in the terms formerly reserved for their overlords. The fact that these ideas can have taken such a hold on a complex and essentially patriarchal culture for several centuries is cause for hope that something similar might yet arise again – although the mechanisms for such cultural change seem as obscure as ever.
Chivalry as a code changed when the society in which it developed changed, but the impulse to Woman worship remained in the succeeding centuries, although the Middle Ages were long regarded with regret as the high water mark of gender relations (see James Branch Cabell’s Domnei, A Comedy of Woman Worship).
greek slave
Gilray girls
‘The Inferior Sex’

To the repressed Victorians, while Female submission seemed to be an acceptable trope of ‘high’ culture worthy of display in the academy to crowds of both sexes [hiram powers’ Greek Slave of 1844, left], the vibrant undercurrent of the glorification of Women tended to be relegated to the lower cultural milieu of the humble illustrator or cartoonist [the perpetually impressive ‘Gibson Girl’ of the 1890s-1910s, right], where it bubbled up with surprising regularity. But then, if you’re being funny, you can disguise your attraction to an idea by pretending to mock it. Perhaps the omnipresent Gibson Girl lasted as long as She did because so many people wanted Goddesses in their world.

But an Gilray girlsessential element of medieval chivalry has by this time been lost. The Woman-as-Gynarch is now always presented as an Amazonian figure, worthy of worship apparently because of Her out-maleing the inferior male through achieving a combination of strength and size with appropriately Feminine grace.
It was an undercurrent that was to continue in the succeeding decades. Which led, eventually, to:
Attack of the 50ft WomanXena Warrior Princess

Et cetera. It was, of course, missing the point, because it disguised embarrassment at worshiping the Female by superimposing a layer of masculine attributes, heightened by their unexpected and somewhat artificial setting in our striking new heroines. But it is not the worship of Woman-as-She-is. In fact it is my impression that it is in those eras where culture has portrayed Woman as most helpless that Gynarchic ideas seem to thrive.

In the overtly sexual culture of our own times, Gynarchy seems at greater risk than ever of becoming wholly confused with, and swamped by, the cultural wave of Femdom. Femdom is not only about sex, but is generally defined by male fantasy. Put simply, Gynarchy needs to assert at the very least that it does not require its Female acolytes to dress in PVC; if it does not, its true nature will continue to remain hidden from many of those who might otherwise be drawn to it.

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9 thoughts on “Why is Gynarchy not more popular?

  1. “(Female Domination) FemDom is not only about sex, but is generally defined by male fantasy. Put simply, Gynarchy needs to assert at the very least that it does not require its Female acolytes to dress in PVC; if it does not, its true nature will continue to remain hidden from many of those who might otherwise be drawn to it.”

    Author, you seem to be either forgetting Us or choosing to not provide Us reputable L/lifestyle Dominas credit. Why only focus on the submissive or S/switch wives/lovers, uneducated neophytes, porn performers or Exotic Dancers, et al. turned ‘Kitten With A Whip’ — acting in order to please those they’re physically and verbally Topping (not only males), whether as a paying job or to please their sex partners?

    Sure, that sort took over the majority of revenue within the Professional D/s industry in the mid-1990s but there were and are still authentic Dominas about who don’t confuse (educated) Psychodramatic Counseling sessions with Kinky Roleplay & Prostitution sessions with disengaged/disinterested escorts in costume.

    Strictly regarding what (unfortunately) is commonplace today, businesswise — from the mid-1990s more and more male clients wanted cheaper session rates and sessions that included overt sex acts with the so-called Domina, they chose to settle for far lower quality sessions with neophytes with virtually no authentic care, interest or understanding of the psychology of D/s or know how to direct vast R/roleplay, how to pace or perform believable b/D S/m play. I believe that you may be confusing Professional Domination/submission sessions and vanilla ‘spice up your sex life games’ ‘for him’ with L/lifestyle Dominant/submissive (D/s, M/s, O/s) relationships.

    There are quite a few of Us authentic L/lifestyle Dominas (regardless of whether We’re into leather/latex/corsetry or Kink play or not) about who have long since been and still are Gynarchists who are in and/or seeking Female Led Relationships (FLR). We are not all performers, and We most definitely are not S/switchy submissives in costume striving to please ‘him’. It’s about Us; who We are, what We want, how We are able to live now (yes, during all the hyper-misogyny) thanks to the R/relationships We cherish with Our loving partners who progressively and bravely identify with gyneolatry, as they wish to experience worship of Us and devotion to Us — as We are. 🙂

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  2. Domina Kiersten

    i am sure You are right. i think what i was trying to express was surprise that the Gynarchic community does not (yet) have a more unified or visible public profile, so that anyone genuinely seeking Gynarchic ideas online is likely to have to wade through much that only reflects male fantasy before they start getting anywhere.


    1. Hello again, submissive willowtide.

      Thanks for your explanation.

      Indeed. Perhaps this website of yours, with your informed, respectful, interesting contributions will become the hub of all things pro Gynarchy! Are you interested and willing to attempt to lead the way?

      Were I a talented creative or journalistic writer and turned-on by creating and upkeeping websites I’d be compelled to do so Myself. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

      I will promote your website when possible. Although, I’m no longer hyperactive in the international D/s, bDSm, L/leather Bar, Kink Play Party or Fetish Fashion communities and will therefore have far less reach and impact than I would have in My past.

      If I could possibly be of assistance to you or anyone else wishing to further the cause please be in touch with Me and ask. I can be located at AboutFLR.com and via https://www.facebook.com/KierstenOrthia. 🙂

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      1. Domina Kiersten


        Firstly, thank You, i’m (predictably) delighted that You like the blog so far. There would be something ironic about a man trying to take the lead in the way You suggest, but of course i’m ready to do whatever i can. i started the blog in the hope that it might encourage one or two other men to get their Femdom instincts more grounded in a proper Gynarchic spirit, but if i’ve managed to please You, all the better.

        i am grateful also for anything You do in directing like-minded people here. Like all bloggers i’m obsessed with my stats, although perhaps that’s because i’m still new at it. i even had a hit from Saudi Arabia recently – it’s nice to imagine the seed being sown even in a place like that.

        i am a big fan of the aboutFLR site! For anyone reading who hasn’t seen it, i recommend a visit asap!



  3. I love your articles. In all honesty, I believe Gynarchy isn’t as popular, because people concentrate more on hate and negativity. People are so racked in their emotions that rather than choosing productivity and guidance, they believe that others are a cancer that must be cut off entirely. It’s really depressing, to be honest. There is so much that we can do, yet most people prefer to see what is ugly, rather than what is good. I believe that people have become so blinded by anger that they want to end it immediately, rather than take things slowly.

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    1. Thank You, Miss. i think that may be the source of most of the world’s problems, not just patriarchy! But i do think perhaps we live in too stressful and noisy a world for the idea of Gynarchy to flourish. Our minds aren’t quiet enough to listen to truth.

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  4. Someone came close to suggesting this to me recently: the reason Gynarchy is not more talked about is because Women do not want it, and that is because They do not like each other enough. Bluntly, there is no Sisterhood to be served, even if men could be persuaded to do so (yes, we can.)
    Ouch! Envy is a human failing; we all want a bigger piece of pie, but what if the pie were much bigger?
    i assumed many obstacles, but not that.


  5. i wish Domina Kiersten would write more. i love to read Her. She writes through experience on many Gynarchy-related topics: FLRs, Femdom, with great intelligence, integrity, wisdom, spirituality, emotion and love. She could build a Gynarchy around Her.

    i hope She finds as many submissives to serve and worship Her as She requires. She could teach all of us so much. A Divine Lady.

    we can only serve Her from afar.


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