Gynarchic fiction

Ever since picking up ‘She Shall Have Music’, Emily had refused to leave the library.

Perhaps i am looking in the wrong places, but the body of serious Gynarchic fiction seems remarkably small. i don’t mean Venus in Furs and others like it – that is Femdom, as it has no wider social Female Supremacist element. Nor do i mean any of the feminization or cuckolding fiction that fills shelf after virtual shelf on Amazon. i mean properly-written fiction with plots and characterisation and a Gynarchic world-view – the kind the teenage me never found.

If it is out there, then it is lurking in the shadows, which is a pity. Great ideas need to breathe, and to be breathed in by those who have not encountered them before.

i have mentioned a few novels elsewhere but if you stumble across this page and have a recommendation, please leave a comment. Or email me on

Which brings me to…

product_thumbnail.phpShe Shall Have Music

Here is a gynarchic novel – a trilogy, in fact. That’s my name at the bottom of the cover there. In She Shall Have Music i have conceived a Gynarchic universe which i hope a certain sort of reader (you know who you are) will enjoy inhabiting, even for a few hours, and realise that they feel at home.

The first part of She Shall Have Music features a young Woman inspired to raise Herself from rural poverty after a chance encounter with two prosperous Female slavers; by a boy whose lack of backbone i now rather regret; by a more admirable hero (yes you can be a Gynarchist and real man, dammit); and a patriarchal king dispossessed by his people in favour of his charming younger sister, who has secretly fallen under the sway of the last survivors of an ancient Matriarchal tribe.

There is even a scene in which a party of Dommes are obliged to disguise themselves as slave-girls in order to be smuggled into a Gorean city. May the Goddesses forgive me for that; it was all in the service of plot.

That reminds me i have some suggestions for casting, when the movie comes out.

She Shall Have Music is available as an e-book on Amazon. 


[update, 2018: i have learnt a good deal since starting this blog, and have begun to find some of what i was looking for. See later posts for details – this one, for example.]


2 thoughts on “Gynarchic fiction

  1. Wow! The search engines follow your tags to femdom fiction, almost every time. Boots, whips, male slaves, all the conventions of this commercially thriving sub-genre. One can search for hours without finding much written around the idea that women (yes, lower-case, dammit!) might just be able to run things–government, businesses, households–than men have been doing. Power on the basis of superior competence, without the goddess pedestal. Mutual respect, for the creative side of the male mind will be honored by women.
    In my fiction efforts, I posit equality of physical strength between genders, not amazonian superiority but sufficient parity to do away with crimes of violence against women. My first effort, the Dominion Day stories, I submitted to the Femdom Cave e-publishers in the UK, and that was based on the online gaming idea that players could create female avatars as powerful as male avatars. My next ideas did not have enough cruel dommes hurting submissive men for that publisher, so I self-pubbed Dominion Vote and Dominion Vegas. The Clean House Party is the political arm of the gynarchy in the USA and its main agenda is getting stuff done that the two old parties can’t get done. (See the cover of D-Vote on my facebook page, Milady Rules by Trevor Bruhn).
    I’ll take a look at She Shall Have Music soon, and comment.


    1. Hello trevor

      Thanks for your comment. i considered submitting my book to Femdom Cave once, but the comment in their guidelines that material featuring willing male submissives was ‘not really for us’ made me think they were perhaps not really for me either…


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