men who serve the Gynarchy: a credo and a code

We live in a patriarchal world. What should the male devotee of Gynarchy do?

Firstly, perhaps we should agree on what we believe.  i have drafted a sort of credo.  It’s intentionally quite out there, but i think that’s the right thing to do. Trying to write something like this helps to clear the mind. Second, i have come up with some general suggestions for rules regarding conduct.

i would be very happy for fellow males to contribute, and (of course) honoured by any comments from our Female superiors.

A credo
i am a Gynarchist. Gynarchy proclaims the superiority of Woman over man, and in the benefit to the planet and to all people – male or Female – of the empowerment of Woman.

i have been raised in the patriarchy, which exists in denial of the true Supremacy of the Female. With this credo, i absolutely reject the lies of the patriarchy. With this credo i accept that every Woman is an expression of the Divine Feminine. Every man is a creature of the earth, and can only be properly fulfilled as Her slave. For so long as i deny this truth, i am less than nothing, but as i embrace Gynarchy i am permitted to dwell in the light of Goddesses.

i was created to be a slave. my life is pointless except in so far as i serve and glorify the Supreme Female sex.

Gynarchy is the best possible future for humanity. As a slave, i will work tirelessly for the creation of a Gynarchy, which will be open to all those enlightened enough to desire it. Within the Gynarchy i will willingly devote myself to achieving the total defeat of my sex; to the absolute victory of Woman; and to the relegation of males to the role of servants and slaves.

i reject the urges of male fantasy; i embrace the destruction of male rights as the just correction for our nature. i beg that Female power be raised to the furthest point imaginable. i accept that within the Gynarchy the concepts of male rights, male ownership and male agency become meaningless. males are owned and commanded; the male exists to work, to serve, and to worship Woman for Her grace in permitting him to exist as Her slave, on Her planet.

i will encourage and support my fellow inferior males in embracing the truth of Gynarchy and in submitting without limitation to the Dictatorship of Woman.

A code of conduct
i consider as pointless anything i do which is not expressly for the benefit of the Superior Sex, or in fulfilling Her command. Serving Her is the only indulgence i will allow myself without guilt.

i will not consume the world’s resources unless it is necessary for my function as a slave.

Although i live in a twisted society that is terrified of the Superiority of Woman, and which seeks to stifle Her at every opportunity, i will strive to serve Her and to subject my own ego to Her wishes, so long as i can do so without embarrassing Her, or damaging the cause.

i will rejoice when a man is defeated by a Woman, in any forum.

i will put aside my natural fear when i see how easily Women are surpassing us, because it is this fear that turns me into an oppressor. i will revel in the overwhelming evidence of our future subservience.

i will keep myself from being an inconvenience to Women. The world rightly belongs to Woman, because we males long ago forfeited any mistaken claims we may have made.  The human male is the most fortunate creature in the universe, because he has the opportunity to dwell a lifetime with Goddesses.

i will not insult my good fortune with gross behaviour.
i will be patient and polite.
i will consider the needs of the Women around me. For example, i will not take a seat where it may prevent a Woman from sitting. When in doubt, i will simply be considerate to everybody, because i know that by chance half of my effort will fall on Women.
i will seek out Female-owned / Female-run businesses where i live. i will always use those as a first choice.
i will vote Female, so long as the candidate’s policies are not evidently damaging to large numbers of Women.
i will tip (eg) Waitresses more than waiters (without being weird).
i will read Women writers.
i will support the work of all creative Women.
i will use the word ‘Gynarchy’ in any suitable context.
i will do what i can to introduce the concept to new minds.
i will not be ashamed of my Gynarchic beliefs.
i will be ashamed of males who do not worship Woman.
i will promote the idea that a Woman doesn’t have to wear PVC to be worshipped.  She is a Superior Being not a fetish object.
i will encourage other right-minded men. i will stop imagining that i am the only one.  i will seek to ensure we work together effectively for our Goddesses’ cause.

If i am fortunate enough to be partnered in any way with a Woman, i will accustom myself to the fact that everything i own now belongs to Her. Every penny i earn is rightfully Hers, to use as She sees fit. i will relish the pleasure of Her doing so, because it will encourage me in the cause. I will be mindful that through serving Her, i serve all Women.

i will be courteous. i will not be creepy.


In my work, i will ensure that Women colleagues have everything They need to do their work successfully. i will provide any information They ask for quickly and accurately. As discreetly as i can, i will go out of my way to make Them look good. i have a responsibility to do my part in getting Women promoted over me and over other men. It will happen naturally, but i will help it to happen more quickly.

i will dress well.
i will look after myself because i am an asset to the cause. A Woman’s environment should not be ruined by slobs.

i will be ashamed when i fall short of these rules, because i know better, and because Women deserve better. If i do not live up to them, then no-one will. If i do not live up to them, then i am a slob and a thug. i will not allow that to happen.

And last, i will remember at all times that i am not Her inferior because She is more attractive than me; i am Her inferior because She is Female. She is not obliged to be beautiful. So long as i am free to do so, i will serve every Woman equally.


10 thoughts on “men who serve the Gynarchy: a credo and a code

  1. This is so inspirational! Words to live by. We may not live in a true Gynarchy yet, but each of us can practice Female Supremacy in our daily lives.


  2. This left me breathless. It brings clarity all the confused yearnings I have had in my life. Thanks to the author, I now know what I have to do to hasten the day of Female Supremacy.


  3. Amazing!❤
    The world will be such a better place when we are finally free from the oppression of the masculine. I hope that I will be able to see a society truly ruled by women in my lifetime. It must happen and I believe that it will happen or we will all perish.


  4. I agree with Female Supremacy and Gynarchy – for myself I was grown up in a strict matriarchal patchwork family. As the other boys had to do I had to bow down in front of a Lady’s feet and serving her hand and foot. Kissing her feet for respect, cleaning her shoes and doing all the other lower chores was my daily duty – and so life works until today! Now I’m 22 in my age and I’m married with Susan (35), a strong dominant wife and strict disciplinarian. There is only one rule in our relationship: SHE rules and I obey! So I willingly crawl in front of her footstool kissing her toe imprints for respect … Obedient days are good days!


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