No, that’s not a typo. Thealogy is a neologism (a new word, but a very logical one) in which the ancient Greek root theo (God) is replaced by thea (Goddess).

Here is my Thealogy.

Divinity is the Feminine. Divinity and the Feminine are essentially the same because the Feminine is the source of two things: fecundity and beauty. Hence the Feminine can be identified (i) with life itself, and (ii) with all that makes life of value.

The masculine force exists for two reasons: to worship the Feminine, and to serve the Feminine. It is therefore subject to the Feminine will.

To put it differently, the Feminine is creation; it is everything; the masculine is change.

The masculine is essential, for without it there would be nothing to reflect and recognise the Divinity of the Feminine. Without the masculine, there would be no active external force to carry out the Divine Feminine will.

Such a Thealogy as this would necessarily have to be reflected in human society. Women are incarnations of the Divine; the Daughters of the Goddess; men are incarnations of the active force by which Her will is accomplished, and so are subject to Her. men exist in order to work and to suffer, in order to draw all work and all suffering away from Women, in order that They may exist as closely as possible to the Goddess.

It is perhaps worth pointing out that this thealogy does not actually require you to believe anything; rather, simply to accept it. It is (i think) not quite a religion.

Here is My proposal for how a Church of this Thealogy might look.

From ground level, there are two flights of steps. One flight, made of wood, rises up towards the body of the Church itself. It is a path of light and living things; of wood; of water and flowers.  This is the path taken by the Women.

The second flight descends into the earth. It is unlit, shadowed and cold; this is the path taken by the men. They descend as if into the grave. It is symbolic; the Feminine gives life, and without the presence of the Feminine, the male must return whence he came.

As he descends, the light and warmth of the sun fades. The voices of the Women above him fade and are gone.

He waits in silence and absolute dark. He does not speak to his fellows; he is charged with meditating on what he is, and what he is not.

The Women now are up in the body of the Church, bathed in light from the great windows.

The floor on which the Women stand is an iron grille. Beneath their feet there is a narrow space and a marble floor. The gap is high enough for a man to crawl, but not to stand.

When the Women are ready, the men ascend from the depths into Their presence, towards the light. they enter into this narrow space below the grille, and must crawl beneath the feet of the Women. When all are present, the doors are locked behind them.

Then the service can begin. The Women of the congregation worship the Goddess, giving thanks that They are Female. The men worship the Women, for They are the Daughters of the Goddess.


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