Time to get real

Gynarchy is never going to be a worldwide movement. Of course everyone enjoys a fantasy, and imagining a future civilisation called when-everyone-agrees-with-me is particularly popular, and even has its own utopian genres.

But let’s get real a moment. Even if everyone did agree with you, there’s still the problem of children. Children get left out of any utopias with sex on the mind for very good reasons. Are future Women going to be content to see their sons grow up into slavery? i doubt it.

So how much is realistic?

There is no reason we could not (now) have a worldwide Gynarchic subculture into which consenting adults could choose to admit themselves. If it worked properly, Female members of the Gynarchy would presumably choose never to leave, and male members could not leave. That much would be a clear condition of entering in the first place. you choose your path; you take responsibility.

How does it work? For a male, with an apprenticeship. Two years as an acolyte; his labour freely available to any Female member. Then, his devotion proved, he is given the option to offer himself permanently to the cause, or to pull away to a normal life, chastened but knowing himself better.

If he chose to continue, he would become a ‘drone’, a collectively-owned servant of the Gynarchic Sisterhood. All his property, all his income, would become Theirs. From this income and property the Gynarchy could fund the living arrangements of its drones. they would live frugally, but as true servants of Women as their souls desired.

The new drone would be filmed, photograped, pleading for slavery. he would write letters; confessions. Records of everyone he has ever known would be taken. his emails and phone calls would be controlled by the Gynarchy. his body would be marked. It would be enough to hold him true to his oath.

Any drone may be claimed as a personal slave by a member of the Gynarchic Sisterhood, and kept for so long as She chose, or returned to dronehood. Perhaps for the rest of his life, if he didn’t measure up. Nothing beautiful can be created without sacrifice.


One thought on “Time to get real

  1. This I’d actually how it is with my roommate.
    Me and her are best friends, but we basically established because she is a woman, she is in charge.
    And like, we have an entire list of rules around the house, but they only apply to me, and we split the bills evenly, but for every rule I break, my share of rent goes up $10 for the month. We also live with her mom, so the bills are split 3 ways, our rent is $960 so it’s $320 each, and my first few months living with them, I had to pay around $700 while they each put $130 aside.
    It’s been a while since I’ve really had to pay that much, thankfully. Even after exhaling the rules, adjusting to this wasnt as easy as I thought.
    For instance, I’m not allowed to use the fridge, even if I buy the food that’s in there without permission.
    Also, I’m not allowed to drink bottled water that’s for the house.
    Of course the #1 rule is to obey all women in the house including guests.
    And it’s not like anything crazy. I have to do all the house chores like washing dishes, but if their laundry needs to be washed, and they don’t feel like it which most the time they don’t. I have to do it.
    I actually enjoy it. It’s not slavery, it’s just basically, “if you want to live here, these are the rules, you can either follow them or leave. ”
    The only thing that sucks, is I’m gay, and they can have whoever kvetch whenever, but if I want to invite my boyfriend over, they can say no, and do a lot.
    I’m also only allowed to leave the house for work, any other time, is because they bring me with them.
    And like, despite accepting them as superiors, and obeying everything they say, my roommate still is my best friend, she treats me how a man should be treated, and is strict, but we do go out clubbing, or go on road trips and stuff, just not often.
    It’s actually an enjoyable life. If more men would accept this is how it is, the world would be a better place for everyone.


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