drawing attention to yourself

i mentioned this blog a couple of times on Fetlife today and got a big spike in hits (hi, folks). It got me thinking. There’s something slightly unnerving if you’re male and a Gynarchist and you just want to take people by the lapels and say look-what-a-great-idea-this-is when you can’t help suspecting you should be lurking quietly in the background hanging on the words of every Female blogger you can find. It all seems rather close to self-publicity, which is not OK.

i guess if there were a lot of Women out there talking about Gynarchy that’s exactly what i would be doing; i’d certainly be a lot more hesitant about shooting my mouth off it if felt more like butting in.

But – ideas do not belong to people. They lie around like apples in the grass, waiting to be picked up and handed round. These are not my ideas; they are truths that are waiting to be found and appreciated, and their time will come. All the sooner if we shout about them.

The cover image is carl bloch’s bizarre and wonderful In a Roman Osteria.


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