Or, we could act normal

Back in the 1980s when The Two Ronnies imagined a future Gynarchic state on prime-time, Sunday night British TV (oh yes they did – try searching YouTube for clips of ‘The Worm that Turned’, which is hilarious for all the wrong reasons), they had a jackbooted all-female police force marching the streets in leather hot pants.

i am not here to have a go at hot pants. But Gynarchic imaginings do tend to do this, don’t they. Femdom does it, too. We get all theatrical; there is usually some old-fashioned embarrassment, because everyone feels like they’re acting; occupying an imagined, fantasy space where you have to behave differently in case you forget that it’s not normal.

For a Gynarchic reality, though, we need not to be acting. Normal is exactly what it does need to be. We need to be able to say, like adults, i am a Gynarchist and this is what i believe in.

Here’s an experiment that is worth trying. As you go through your day tomorrow, try imagining what would have to be different if you lived in a Gynarchy. Not just the stuff you hope for because it chimes with your personal kinks (ie the hotpants). i did it today, and here is
the surprisingly short list of results:

•    my wages would have been paid direct to my Girlfriend, and been controlled by Her (rather than indirectly being spent by Her as at the moment…)
•    the management structure where i work would have been different, with Women (those who wanted to work) in all of the highest-paid positions.

That’s all i came up with. i’m guessing i wouldn’t have been required to do my job on my knees, or bow to the statute of the Mother-Goddess at the train station, or to drag myself to the office with my lips. On the face of it, it needn’t be so very different. And other stuff happened as a matter of course; as usual, i did the cooking; i stood up on the train. Acting in a Gynarchic way is often indistinguishable from just being polite.

So my surprisingly un-erotic conclusion is that it basically just comes down to the money. We don’t like to admit it, because we think human beings are better than this, but on a day-to-day level, money is power. Women must have more of it. And They will; look at the gender balance in universities.

The times, they are a-changing.

cover image: william quiller, ‘The First Cloud’.


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