Gynarchic extremism

Gynarchic fantasies tend towards the extreme. People calling themselves Gynarchists online are more often to be found discussing the dis/advantages of castration than the means of reversing the gender pay gap. In the realm of Gynarchic utopias, Mme Aline D’Arbrant’s excesses spring to mind – and though i dare not criticise the Lady Herself, She does rather risk bringing the cause into disrepute. i don’t recommend you look Her up.

But extremism does not have to be ugly. Take the visions of Nanshakh, where the Female will is certainly imposed by force, but where the viewer perhaps unexpectedly finds himself having to admit – well, yes, it does look like a good idea, doesn’t it. Even if, personally, i’d rather keep my hair. the_mine_dem

(Image used with permission.

Why is this? Is a liberal, democratic Gynarchy conceivable, or is that just another fantasy, too? (By ‘democratic’ i obviously mean universal Female suffrage. i don’t think this would be a contradiction in terms; after all we called ourselves democracies when we had only male suffrage, and not even universal at that).

Why do we feel the urge to be extreme? Why does Nanshakh’s vision have an allure that would be missing from a world where men were stripped of political and economic rights, but not of their clothes?

Perhaps it is because of the fetishisation of absolute power; if the authority of Woman is to be total, then you have to find a way of showing that this ideal has been achieved.  i wonder also if it is because Gynarchy is such a radical break with the past that we feel we have to establish a visually different world in order to ensure that we do not drift back to the norms of human society. If that is true, then bringing radical Gynarchic visions into the world now is an important contribution to the cause.

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6 thoughts on “Gynarchic extremism

  1. While I do abide with concept of female supremacy, I feel that it has to be taught and accepted, rather than forced and imposed. Rather than simply do it, men have to understand their place and have to learn why it is suitable for them. Depriving them of political rights and economic rights could only spark to rebellion and may even reverse the gender role effect. If such a thing happened, we women may be seen as the oppressors and men as the victims, which could in turn create a similar gender revolution, but catered to men. We would be stuck in a similar setting.

    Instead, I feel it to be more prudent that such political and economic rights exist, but men voluntarily refuse them. It would be better to teach them and have them willingly acknowledge why it is better to have women on top and why they are more fit in their position than women. By giving equal treatment, men will feel a sense of security and acknowledge that they are still being considered. A master/slave relationship will only cause spark for rebellion. A leader/follower relationship would be more preferential, as the follower would be more willing to lay down their lives for something they believe is good.

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    1. There is a middle way, too, Miss: a male can opt in, but once he does, he can’t opt out. In other words, he asks for the opportunity to make an irreversible, lifelong commitment to serving Women, and is given that opportunity.

      However much we may want Gynarchy, some of us would surely struggle to achieve the necessary self-discipline if we were able to walk away whenever it got too much. we all have bad days after all. It would help to have that discipline strengthened from outside; to have the structure of the Gynarchy rigid enough to keep its devotees true to the cause. they would be thankful for it (most of the time…).

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      1. True, another thing I’d think that would be necessary would be some sort of compatibility systems when providing discipline. Since people are all unique, it’s most likely some styles may not be compatible. There are those that would treat kindness with abuse, while others treat strictness with resentment. While discipline is necessary, it would be best to have educators who can communicate on a similar wavelength, but can also be different enough to spark change.


    2. So true! Matriarchy/Gynarchy is not a reverse form of patriarchy. It should not be based on oppression and enforcement but on meritocracy. Men should accept their inferiority and their place in society by becoming most studious and researching the numerous scientific facts proving the total superiority of Women. However, I fear that brute force will be necessary in some occasions, since many men are not able to kick out their inherent male egoism and accept the truth. And let’s not forget that the defective male hormones often make men aggressive and dangerous for Women and children.

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  2. It will be a long slow process possibly requiring infinite patience on the part of the most intelligent, educated and worldly of the Dominas who are prepared to give of their precious time and resources to train males in the exquisite art of properly serving all Women with courtesy and respect. Most Lifestyle Dominas have a deep intuitive understanding of submissive psychology and naturally possess the necessary strictness and firmness in their directives to elicit satisfactory responses in their adoring males. The possibilities of a Gynarchy World are obviously exciting but wide-scale changes will take time. Meanwhile, those of us males who are dedicated to the empowerment of the Goddesses and have discovered already the beauty of absolute obedience to Them should continue to work for Their benefit.


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