a short story

I told Margot that the boy had said he wanted a girl-worship party. Not a football party, or a visit to the lake, like his cousin had. I said, I did not think this was appropriate. I said, next year perhaps. I did not think him brave enough. I thought, he believes that is what he wants, but he will perhaps not bear the embarrassment of it when the time comes.

But Margot said, in that superior tone, oh he is brave. He has seen off the wolves, when the men were away driving the herd. He has climbed the hazel, to retrieve Emmeline’s parrot for her. And other examples she mentioned, that I cannot remember now. I do not see, she finished, why he should not have a girl-worship party, if that is what he wants.

I had to remind her about his friends. I did not consider them all especially mature for their age. There was a risk, I said, that they would not have the strength of character to worship these girls when it came to it. There was a risk they would even not turn up at all. I did not want people telling a story such as that about our house. Much better, a football party this year; a trip to the lake.

But Margot must have her way. I have known that well enough about her these ten years. I cannot say for certain, but I believe she had words with the Mistress. That would be so very like her. And so it was settled. The boy could have his girl-worship party.

In the end, I must admit, these girls were very good. I don’t mind saying that I was impressed. It was not simply their manner – which of course was very proper – but the way in which they put aside any embarrassment among the guests. They were so matter-of-fact. It was as if to say, if you do not desire to worship us, then you shall never be a man. Within five minutes of their arrival – there were three of them – they had the boys wrapped around their little fingers. And that was that. When the time came, they collected their fee and were gone.

As Derne left, Alma’s boy, he thanked me. He said, that was the finest party i ever.

I am always glad to help the young people, when I can.




– – – – –

The cover image is by frédéric soulacroix, who can paint silk around Feminine thighs like no-one on earth.


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