The Gynarchy movement needs a symbol. One that everyone will know.


This (left) is the one i borrowed for this site. In hindsight, it seems a bit militant – more appropriate for an anarcho-socialist movement. The fist suggests that power needs to be seized rather than granted to Women as Their natural due. i am thinking of changing it (comrades).


Of course, the Venus and mars symbols are the natural place to start, and people seem to enjoy playing around with them:


i guess that’s meant to be a cage on the right. But Gynarchy shouldn’t be portraying itself as being about any particular type of sexual activity, or (middle) about Women smoking (not that i’m telling Them what to do…).

new text doc symb


Here’s one i made myself. i am no loss to graphic design, but you get the idea. (The Venus symbol is supposed to be glowing, or wrapped in luminous mist as She descends from the mountain, or something).



Of course, you needn’t limit yourself to variations on those particular symbols, ancient and venerable though they are. Here are some other gleanings:

image      image       imageimage      image


Those are more for entertainment value than genuine suggestions. i don’t think any of them would look quite right on the flag when the first team representing the International Gynarchic Federation enters the Olympics in 2108 (put that in your diary). Instead we need something more abstract; something you can explain away when your great-uncle asks about that strange little lapel badge you forgot to take off before the family barbecue, but which enables Gynarchists to wave at each other in the street.

Nominations are now open.



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