It seems to be part of human nature to be acquisitive. We want things, even when we don’t need them, and we want others to see that we have them. It helps us to establish our status in the eyes of others.

male desire is a two-sided coin. One side is possessive; when you desire something, you are driven to take hold of it, to occupy it and to show the world that it is yours. But it fails to make you happy, because you are never going to be top dog. There is always someone else to fuel your jealousy and feed your rage with their undeserving. And there is always the fear of losing what you have.

The other side of desire is in awe of the desired object, and wishes to see it reach its full potential, which is to say, to grow more like itself. It is a spiritual attitude because its aim is not to aggrandize the self, but to pay due tribute to the superior.

The first side is materialistic, and is linked with the instinct to have things for themselves and to demonstrate your status. The second is harder to embrace but is infinitely more rewarding when you do. It is about appreciating things for their inner nature rather than adding them to your list of possessions.

It is the inner nature of Women that deserves our worship. Women are not generally egotistical by nature, so male worship encourages Women to see Their vast superiority as we do. Then everything snowballs, because when Women deign to accept male worship, the sexes are pushed further into their inferior and superior statuses, which in turn drives the compulsion to worship.

Once that boulder starts rolling, nothing is going to stop it. Go on, give it a nudge.




cover image: vittorio matteo corcos, Sogni, 1896. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome



One thought on “desire

  1. When I was a younger man, I saw the possessive side of male desire all too often. I’d watch men seducing women in bars or on my college campus, and the possessive dynamic permeated these seduction scenarios, and the relationships that sometimes followed them. It worked far too often. Women are raised in the same patriarchal culture as men, so it’s inevitable that this attitude is normalized among women as well as men.

    But, not everybody is “infected, and the number of those women who deign to accept male worship is growing everyday, I trust. I have no data to support it, but I sense millennial women are often ready to do so without a lot of the baggage that held others back.


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