slow progress

A few people have asked me when the next part of She Shall Have Music will be coming out. Well, it’s still a bit soon for that, i’m afraid. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Thesilasia.

There are thousands of words sitting around, and a handful of undrafted ideas, but i have real-life duties to the Superior sex too, and you gotta prioritise.

So what happens in volume 3? i won’t give spoilers on the plot, but the picture above gives some idea of where the Gynarchy has got to. Five years after the Revolution, Women pretty much all live in luxury, as They should. i think i have a cover picture, even if not a title.

i have started to regret some of the choices i made when writing the earlier books, though. For one, that name Thesilasia. What was i thinking? korin was a bit irritating in book 1, too; he needed to man up, and there are some things about the gamma i’m not happy with (and neither are a few readers – see, i do listen…)

More importantly, i’ve learned a thing or two about writing since i started. So once volume 3 is done, i’m going to revise the whole thing to make it more consistent, more coherent, and then put the whole lot together as a single, longer and better book. And then, maybe, Amazon here we come.


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