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This page links to Gynarchic or Female Supremacy sites that i happen to stumble across whilst innocently looking for recipes. It will have a bias towards the thoughtful and the quirky. Suggestions welcome.

img_4018 is this the most serious movement around to be putting Gynarchic ideas into practice? FLR (Female-led relationships) brings together men and Women in an attempt to get new relationships off on the right foot. There is even a mechanism for rooting out the fantasists and time-wasters.


There is a related site at Conquer Him ( but i don’t know anyone who has tried it.



Finally in this section, She Makes the Rules is a website owned and run by real Women. “It was designed for Women who are interested in learning how to embrace their inner bossiness! And for the men who accept us for who we are and support us in this process.”


If you’re looking for a bit more fantasy and a bit less hard realism, the folks over at Reddit are having fun creating two competing Gynarchic nations, the Femdom Matriarchy and the Amazon Matriarchy. Regrettably there have been some border disputes recently. Enter one or other of these realms at your peril. and a monumental repository of art, illustrations, advertising images etc featuring Women looking divine, cross, or in some way superior. It goes on, and on, and on… And there is more from the same author at and (the latter focussing on classic black-and-white photography). is on the Femdom end of things, but there’s plenty of creative thinking going on even whilst the boots are licked. They’ve been sending readers my way and definitely deserve some two-way traffic. (‘Submit. Obey. Worship’). Inspiring pictures of the superior sex, without a scrap of PVC in sight. is devoted to true-life stories of Women not taking things lying down and being generally awesome.

Gynocentrism and its Origins ( is a scholarly and non-judgemental site about all elements of Female primacy, with a particular interest, it seems, in the medieval concept of courtly love.

The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell ( – No Goddess! No Mistress! No Corsets! an active Female Supremacy site with lots going on upstairs.

Over at you can check in with a group of “semi-anonymous imageboard users who formerly supported a misogynistic cause known as Gamergate, a hate campaign which targeted females within the video games industry which we proliferated before eventually coming to the realization that we were in the wrong because they possess a vagina, and we don’t. As a means of reparations, we have since become dedicated gynarchists who worship the female form and spirit as two wholes.” (I asked them for a description).



Lastly, (for now), – the Female Supremacist art of Nanshakh. There is a free tour before it becomes a pay site.


Broken links? Suggestions? Let us know!









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