Submit to the Dictatorship of Women

Sometimes, though not as often as i might like, a guy will say that he wants to take his submission to his Wife (or his slavery to his Goddess, or his service to his Lady, or whatever) to the next level. “i’m not sure how to do that,” he says, and “you’re so wise and clever, will,” he says (i paraphrase), “that maybe you could suggest something.”

This post is a mind-dump of that sort of thing. Mistresses are welcome to read on, but these boring practicalities are not meant for You. Although, if You find something here that Your own male(s) is not providing, i hope You will demand Your natural rights of him.


This is a step-by-step guide to establishing a Female dictatorship in your own home. It comes with the health warning that these are only hints from my own experience, and what do i know, after all. This is about the detail of living arrangements, not the emotional and human stuff. That’s the difficult bit.


Grubby? No, not really. Money is power and security; everything She should have. This is the bedrock of a Gynarchic relationship, so prove your devotion by surrendering permanent control over ‘your’ money to Her. If you don’t agree, you might want to go and watch Top Gear reruns or something, because this blog isn’t for you. Are you a Gynarchist or not? Do you love Her, and the eternal Feminine She embodies, or not? If you think She’s beautiful now, just wait till you see Her in Her full power. Once you know She is able to turn you into a homeless tramp at a click of Her fingers the moment She tires of you, it drives your adoration through the roof, and with it Her own appreciation of Herself. Then you will know what beauty is.

Here’s where you start: have your wages or salary paid direct to Her, if you can. Some years ago i did try to have my employer pay into my (then) Girlfriend’s account, but it couldn’t be done. i don’t know if it can now; it probably varies in different countries. But a good alternative is an automatic redirect so the money spends as little time as possible in your own account (and you don’t have access to it anyway, since your Mistress confiscated your ID and cut up your bank card, didn’t She).

If you have a mortgage, it should be in Her name, and every payment made from Her account. Then the male has no legal claim; the property is Hers. A man caught owning property should be as embarrassed as a man caught wearing panties (in my admittedly unorthodox view).

If your Lady does not think of this detail, suggest to Her that it is in Her interests to let you have access to a small cash sum (say, about US$100) because you will now and again meet unexpected expenses in carrying out Her wishes. Or some arrangement where you don’t have to be given cash for Her weekly shopping. It isn’t enough to allow you any power or ability for escape.


She shouldn’t have to point


If you don’t already know, find out what skills your Mistress would most like to have at Her disposal, and acquire them.




you can become a qualified carpet in 4-6 weeks

When asked, people usually come up with massage. Well, yes. But try being more imaginative. Cookery is far more useful. There is a whole raft of basic skills any decent slave should possess.

Learn to make good coffee; its not that hard although many people can’t do it. Learn to iron a pleated skirt, or one of those blouses with ruffled bits and about ten different tailored panels. If you work as Her chauffeur, go on an advanced driving course; She deserves to be kept safe.

could you iron this?

Find out what skills She has to spend money on, and learn those. In the UK for example you can become a qualified electrician in under three weeks, although it is likely to involve a residential course somewhere grotty. Perhaps this is something you can do while She goes on holiday. Think of the money you could save Her in the long run. Being lent out to Her friends is another bonus.

This is getting me thinking. Once the Council for the Establishment of Gynarchic Structures is up and running, perhaps a Compulsory Basic Training programme will be in order.


we just liked the picture, and anyway no-one reads captions

Most of the couples i have met who are living a D/s relationship have two groups of friends, those whom they have met on the scene, and the vanilla friends and family from the old days, or from work. The existence of the vanilla, still shockable-crowd creates an extremely effective opportunity for control. A slave should not have his own email and social media passwords, though it is useful for him to have accounts in his name. Surrender them. you should only be able to log in under Her authority, and you should know that everything you do online, every email, is open to Her inspection.

That might terrify you, but in my experience She won’t be that interested after a few months – not once She has learned the structure of your inner world and is satisfied with the extent of your defeat by Her. It is most likely that She may settle for firing off a few emails in your name to some of your distant Aunts and ex-Girlfriends every now and again, just to keep those relationships on the kind of footing She deems appropriate (“I remain madly in love with Emma and please don’t visit”). Give Her your accounts, ask Her to change the passwords to Her own. She now controls your public face, and She can amend or even terminate your relationships with every link outside your Gynarchic circle.

Some people use blackmail control. i have never been involved in this systematically, but it has plenty of potential if that’s your bag. If She can destroy your life simply by an anonymous posting of those photographs to everyone in your contacts, you’ve got yourself a Gynarchy.

you wouldn’t by any chance be arguing with Me, would you?

To all the above, i would add one overriding detail: the best thing you can do is to adore Her. i knew a Lady who felt guilty spending Her slave-earned money on Herself. That situation can only arise, i think, when She does not feel entitled to it; She can only feel that entitlement through your desire. This sort of relationship is self-perpetuating; it feeds upon itself; reinforces and strengthens itself, until it is unassailable. That is the goal.

It is generally accepted that 2016 was a bad year. Make the world a better place in 2017 and work for Female victory.


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2 thoughts on “Submit to the Dictatorship of Women

  1. I agree, although my case might not be totally orthodox. My wife wants me to take care of the money (both from her job and mine) because finances are my field. My task is to make our money grow as much as possible, while still maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. We dote on our son, naturally, but with that exception, all discretionary income is hers. I spend enough for my clothes and absolute necessities, and that’s it. I have no expensive hobbies, etc. And for the needs of modern life, I use her “cast-offs.” Her car becomes mine when she gets a new one, likewise with my computer, phone, just about everything.

    I was lucky when it came to skills. I was in a long term servitude situation before I met my wife, so I knew how to cook, etc.

    It’s funny you mention control in terms of emails, etc. When I met my wife, she worked (still does) at a security/surveillance company. Lol, I didn’t have a chance. While we were still engaged to be married, I was giving up my privacy up without knowing it. It wasn’t a betrayal on her part, because we were already in a gynarchic relationship. I’m almost a complete Luddite, and I didn’t even suspect any of this until she told me much later. She put tracking software on my phone, she knew what was in my emails, and although I never found one, there were cameras monitoring me at times. She tinkered with emails in my name in the way you described, too. After she met my mom, I was conflicted about some things, and my wife, unknown to me at the time, sent a short email in my name that actually improved things between all three of us, saying things in a respectful way that I didn’t have the courage to.

    I’m almost a complete Luddite, and I didn’t even suspect any of this until she told me much later. You’re right though. After a while, once she knew me well, she didn’t pay as much attention.


    1. There are infinite personal complexities, aren’t there. your point about financial management is well taken. Sometimes, to use your skills to your Mistress’s maximum benefit, you have to be allowed some personal discretion. We often confuse service with rule (eg in the case of a President or Prime Minister). Just remember who put you there, and whom your work should benefit. But it sounds to me like you don’t have any difficulty with that.


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