is Gynarchy political?

A while ago i posted about the US election. Thinking about it later, i realised that i had implicitly assumed that most of the people reading a blog about Gynarchy would lean towards the Liberal side of that (or any other) debate. i’ve no evidence that they don’t, but living as i do in a European bubble, i could easily have that all wrong.

My assumption was based on the fact that conservatives by definition tend to hold a traditional view of the role of Women. As Gynarchy promotes the opposite, it is tempting to think of it as a progressive idea. But is that true?



Certainly there is a strand in Female-supremacist thinking which is aligned with what i grew up thinking of as a Wiccan world-view, which is to say, the Goddess Movement angle. It isn’t really a movement, because it is too diffuse, but in so far as it is political at all, it feels deep Left to me.



Looked at another way, though, Gynarchy surely has an element of authoritarianism (‘the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom,’ as Google has it), even if the vision of the Two Ronnies (right) is a bit off-target. In that sense, it is anything but Liberal.

So many questions.

What does a conservative man with an instinct for Women on pedestals do with those desires?  Is there a tension there, and if so, how is it reconciled? Is it like being a gay Catholic? Come to think of it, what about a conservative Woman who feels that way? Or is it the case that, if that’s how you are by nature, you’re just not a conservative?

Let’s do a survey. If you’re a believer in Female Supremacy, let us know in the comments below where your politics lie. A simple ‘left’ or ‘right’ (or “stop it and get back to droning on about books, will,”) will do.


11 thoughts on “is Gynarchy political?

  1. right wing here. but really gynarchy transcends all modern politics.

    obsolete patriarchal traditions must be dissolved and replaced with the primordial matriarchy. many people say that left/right split serves little purpose. basically stop thinking in terms of obsolete dualities which are masculine and created by men. but think outside the box, and combine progressive feminism and liberation with traditionalist chivalry and hierarchy. take the best, most empowering aspects from all sides.

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  2. I’m left of center (far left for an American anyway) and most of the women of my life (Mother, Sister, Wife) are somewhere on the left as well. I have known a few gynarchists of both sexes who might be described as economically conservative and socially libertarian (American usage of the terms). I think gynarchy can fit, more or less comfortably with a number of political positions. And there are those (I’m thinking of one of my wife’s friends) who are apolitical, or claim to be.

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  3. I’m very left, politically. I support Gynarchy, but I imagine that it would be egalitarian and democratic *for Women*, the main difference is that males would not have political power and would be excluded from any political decision making. I’ve seen the word “Gynocracy” to describe this.

    From a male point of view, it would be authoritarian, but ultimately for the greater good of the liberation of Women.

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  4. What is left, right, conservative or liberal in politics depends very much on country you look at. In Russia it is the communists that are considered conservative, which just shows that also in politics everything is relative.
    I am a 35 year old woman, lesbian, university educated, self-employed and relatively well off. I strongly and for many good reasons, that not need to be mentioned on this site, believe that gynarchy is the natural order and also a necessity.
    Politically the ideal is a strong and authoritarian matriarchal state with market economy. Women should have the vote already from the age of 15 or 16 but men should be denied all civil rights, be owned by women, only be given subordinate jobs and be submitted to strict control and stern leadership.

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  5. I personally don’t use current political terms to describe the politics of Gynarchy. “Left” and “right” are terms invented at a time patriarchy was dominant and describe policies of patriarchic leadership. If I have to describe Gynarchy with these terms, I would say that it would include left policies in some issues (social progress, environment, animal rights etc) and right policies in some issues (containment of men and law enforcement for their crimes, especially against Women and children). In any case I expect Gynarchy to completely change politics and the way we talk about them.

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  6. Gynarchy naturally is political. How could it not be political when it is all about changing our societies, disrupting and breaking down the patriarchal structures, creating new societies building on female norms, values and standards, excluding men from holding positions of power and establishing matriarchal governance?
    Terms like left, right, liberal, conservative and even socialist are meaningless unless we define them before using them. If you ask a Russian what it means to be conservative you will get the answer that a conservative is someone who wants the communist party back in power and thinks nostalgically of Stalin. This is surely not how an American defines conservatism and in most of Europe, conservatives are in favour of a strong government but economic liberalism. Being liberal in Europe means to be in favour of the economic theory called liberalism and against privileges. American conservatives consider European welfare states as socialist although these states clearly are capitalistic and typically conduct their economies very liberalistic.
    So all these words are very relative and only suitable for confusing discussions and accusing the opposition of being something that you do not like.
    One thing seems clear and that is that since we gynarchists want fundamental changes of the existing societies and to wipe out the faltering but still annoyingly powerful patriarchal cultural structures we cannot be called conservative.
    The two words I would choose to politically define gynarchy are authoritarian and caring. The upcoming gynarchsist societies will have elements of all the now used political ideologies and political and economic theories but because gynarchy is building solely on female values it fundamentally is caring. In order to keep the men in their place and take good care also of them, the gynarchy must also both culturally and in practical governance involve strong aspects of authoritarianism.

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