pause for thought


i’ve been a bit quiet recently. It’s because i’m ploughing on with the next part of my book.

in the meantime i thought i’d share this image:


It appears to be German, nineteenth (?) century, and involve Priestesses sacrificing male captives. If anyone knows any more about it, please do let me know.

There’s a trope in classical art of Women beheading men (usually, though i think not always, Judith and holofernes, as above). This seems to have found its way into modern fantasy sensibilities, where the exhausted, bloodsplattered and breast-plated Female warrior with a decapitated man lying crumpled at her feet is a bit of a cliche. (i’ve been meaning to write about fantasy art, but you have to be a bit careful using other people’s work).

This image is different though (and not just by being out of copyright). The Priestess at the top, holding her dagger, is someone an artist could make something of.

Or a novelist.


6 thoughts on “pause for thought

  1. I guess there is a male fear of the Feminine as powerful and dangerous, and yet an attraction to that power. We are drawn to the idea that She could destroy us, and yet we place ourselves in Her hands.

    As a male gynarchist / Female Supremacist … I’m interested in the idea of male sacrifice. Not in such a literal sense, but the idea of sacrificing my time / money / freedom for Women.

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  2. Out of curiosity, how is the third novel coming along?

    And after it’s finished, are you going to write a sci-fi Gynarchy story?


    1. It’s coming along fine – should be ready by this autumn. Next step will be to revise all three parts into one more coherent whole and then try to publicise it somewhere other than on this site. Then i have a contemporary novel in mind, and then, perhaps in the distant future, some sci-fi…


  3. “Beheading”… is this symbolic of some greater fear males have of something removed that would advance Female empowerment and/or placing the male sex in the more ‘feminized’ state he has for so long forced Woman? In a classical sense one might be reminded of herakles as properly demaled and made lowest of serving maidens in the court of Omphale.

    Might your upcoming novels highlight any elements of males’ false sense of power broken by ‘feminization’ in sex-role reversal in function and dress? (Would suspect this might most be applicable in the science fiction area you mention>)


    1. i’m more interested in whether men can serve Women without losing their masculinity (spoiler alert – i think we can), though i realise there are others who are more interested in the feminisation thing. Well, they can write books about that if they want. i certainly don’t use the term ‘role reversal’ – its not about men taking on a domestic role, but an external one as directed by Women. It’s not swapping places, it’s redefining roles in a way that suits our natural abilities. Thank you for the question – i feel another post coming on!

      Personally i see feminisation as an incomprehensible contradiction – see the entry ‘On the Paradox of Feminization.’ i think we have to stop using ‘feminised’ in the historical sense of ‘subservient’, because its just confusing when you’re talking about shifting paradigms around significantly.


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